Leonel Riviere laboring in Ouanaminthe Baptist Church in Ouanaminthe (Juana Méndez), Haiti

Update and prayer requests

Greetings brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most recently I have been working in and around my town of Ouanaminthe and an area nearby called Savane Longe, not far from the town of Dajabon that is on the border of the Dominican Republic. I do work with the children in the church, but my primary ministry is that of evangelism.

Please pray for the following evangelistic trips I will be taking. In July I will in Saint Michel for four days evangelizing with a visiting missionary. In August we will spend 15 days in the southern region of my country also preaching the Gospel to as many as we can for the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My needs here are diverse. I used to be married until my beloved wife (Luzmen) passed away three years ago. I have four children (three girls and one boy) and I struggle to provide everything they need. I do work but things are hard here and it is has not been consistent work. Please pray that the Lord would provide a new job for me so that I can meet all of my children’s needs, including a new place to live for my family.

I ask that you also pray for our church family. Only two weeks ago our pastor went to be with the Lord. We miss him very much and are still adjusting.

Pray also that the Lord would give me spiritual strength and wisdom each day and more bibles in my language for the ministry.

I am very thankful for those who offer prayers and support on my behalf. May the Lord bless you.

In Christ,

Leonel Riviere