About us

We are ministry serious about equipping faithful men, who are able to teach and who will be faithful to the Scriptures through expository preaching. We believe in emphasizing the necessity of the local church and promoting the biblical model. We believe that the source for a biblical understanding of what the church is, is solid theological training that all believers need. All that we do is in love for The Lord and the church to the glory of God.

Our Mission

The Dominican Republic and Haiti is desperately in need of Christ centered biblical churches to be planted throughout unreached urban centers and rural areas. Our desire is to equip the nationals that the Lord is raising up to reach their own people with the Gospel in order to accomplish this, BCMS needs a network of mission minded biblical churches and individuals as partners to help ministry through prayer and financial support.

Those who pray and give towards missions play a role just as important as those who serve on the mission field. They “hold the rope” for the missionaries who are able and willing to go. They hold to rope for those nationals who are being discipled and preparing for ministry and teaching others in order to take the Gospel to their own people. Would you pray for us and consider partnering with this ministry?

The Difference

Sadly, with the larger mission organizations, often only 1-2 cents of every dollar given to mission actually make it to the mission field due to the very high overhead these large organizations have. Even smaller sending agencies keep 14% – 2o% for administrative purpose.

In contrast, the great majority of every dollar donated to BCMS goes directly to working missionaries, evangelists and pastors/teachers on the field, to meet their most urgent needs and related ministry expenses. When you give through Central Missionary Clearinghouse (see donate page) who handles our donations, there is only a 2% administrative fee. A very significant difference in comparison.

Stewardship is important to us, and we want to get the maximum of each donation possible to those who need it on the field. Those we support do all of their work within the context of a local church, and those in training work alongside others already in ministry. We believe in the local church and want to equip these men to better serve right where the Lord has planted them. We serve them by visiting and encouraging, prayer, taking needed resources / supplies and financial support. Also bringing them sound teaching through visiting pastors and teachers who have partnered with us in this way to edify the nationals through conferences and workshops.

Please pray for us and consider partnering with this ministry. Through prayer and financial support you are investing in faithful men who are able to teach others for the edification of the church to God be the glory.

Those who pray and give to missions play a role just as important as the missionary in the field.