Leonel Riviere
Leonel is a BCMS supported evangelist we work closely with. He has worked with us in Esperanza, Dominican Republic and presently lives and serves in a rural area just outside of Ounaminthe, Haiti and has a passion for preaching the Gospel. He is a widower and lives with three of his four children. He is fluent in Spanish, French and Haitian Creole and serves faithfully in his local church. His main ministry is evangelism, discipling new believers and Bible distribution. Leonel helps translate resources into Haitian Creole and is also our interpreter when we are in Haiti.

Antonio Salgado Jr.
Antonio is a BCMS supported missionary. He lives and has served as a missionary to the Dominican Republic since 2012 (under Salgado DR Mission). Originally from Tampa, Fl., his wife Christen and four of their five children reside with him in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Antonio is fluent in English and Spanish, and speaks some Haitian Creole. He has served in three church plants in Esperanza, Boruco and Piedra Gorda and by God´s grace, has planted a church in Santiago (Iglesia Bautista Hato Mayor). Antonio and his family still attend and serve in the local church they planted and also help other churches through teaching, medical clinics and other resources. He enjoys theology, teaching, translating (sermons, conferences, articles, etc.), and is the director of BCMS.

From Antonio: “Apart from the church that has been planted in Hato Mayor, (who we still work with, support and has many needs itself), we are about the supporting, teaching, visiting and encouraging of these other men preparing for or already in ministry. We are working to create a network of churches and individuals from the U.S., together with the nationals in the field (presently Dom. Rep. And Haiti) who have gifts of evangelism and/or teaching and preaching. These men need tools and resources to reach and teach their own people with the Gospel. Our desire is to not interfere with the local churches they are in, but rather help those churches, by equipping these men to better serve and glorify God right where the Lord has them. “