Greetings brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your prayers and support. Just a few weeks ago I was in Haiti visiting with brother Leonel. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, encouragement, planning and meeting with several other brothers. Thanks to your donations, I was able to make the trip in the first place, and also take him a case of Bibles and some other resources. We spent three busy but very fruitful days there. My deepest desire was to encourage this brother that we care for so very much. Even being completely aware of his difficult situation in ministry and even daily life, in the end it was I who came out encouraged, blessed and challenged.

Asking him many questions, catching up on everything, praying with him and hearing about his daily habits and encounters with those he shares the Gospel with, it made me thankful just to be able to partner with his brother in the small way that we do. His prayer life is convicting, his faithfulness and willingness a rare treasure. Please continue to lift up brother Leonel in prayer who truly is doing the work of an evangelist there in Ounaminthe, Haiti.

The brothers there are asking when we will return and we are looking forward to our next trip with great anticipation. Lord willing in October we will be there for at least a couple of days with some brothers from here (DR) to preach and teach on a few topics in at least three different locations we arranged while we were there. Please pray for that trip to be edifying to the church there and glorifying to God above all else.

During my stay in Haiti, (though this part was not planned beforehand), an elder asked me to preach on Sunday at the church there in Savange Longe. It was short notice (Saturday late afternoon) and the Haitian culture is somewhat particular in many places on how they dress for church. So not having the appropriate dress for the place had me a bit concerned with being a stumbling block or at least a distraction to those I would be speaking to. Since I am already a foreigner, I wanted them to hear me and not be distracted by my different clothing and appearance. He assured me it would not be a problem, so I agreed. I am glad that I did. The Lord seemed to have used the message and Leonel’s translation. Praise God for His grace!

From what I could discern, it went well and they received me with much love. I did go way over on the time given me allotted for the preaching part of the service, but no one seemed to have noticed or seemed to care. They even asked me to go on 10 or 15 minutes more (after the sermon) about what we would teach and why preparing men was so important! Some men came up afterwards to speak with me interested in the future visits and asking other questions about the message. That door is definitely open for us now, and it is always a blessing to be received well by other brothers and sisters, knowing that because of that common bond we have in Christ, we will always have family to visit there that will receive us and care for us.

I am meeting with brother Daniel (a BCMS supported brother) and a couple of other brothers here in the Dominican Republic. We are trying to meet at least every two weeks from now on to regularly pray with and encourage one another, and get into the Word together. We also have another pastor who confirmed his participation on the next visit to Haiti and others who seem interested in joining us on future trips. Lord willing, beginning in early 2020 brothers from the States will also be joining us in the teaching as we work towards a more consistent schedule of visitations and rotation of teaching both here and there. Lord willing, we will soon have a date for a workshop for pastors we know of, of several smaller churches in and around the city here in Santiago. Please pray for that as well.

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing setbacks and there are things we cannot yet accomplish due to insufficient funds. There are resources we need to purchase and the other normal expenses that go with any ministry. Traveling to them is a must, and the cost of fuel here is double of that in the States. Books and Bibles are heavy and expensive to ship internationally. Some of the brothers we will be serving are very poor and we want to be able to feed them during our time together since even the cost of transportation for them to come to us is often a sacrifice for them.

Almost everything in ministry costs money, this is no surprise. Sadly though, many seem to have a strange concept that there is one standard for churches back home in the States, but that churches, missionaries and their ministries in other countries don’t really need as much.

In the past, some churches have even attempted to send young people to preach here in the local church we serve. Some may think this is ok. But what I found very interesting was that these were young inexperienced people, who’s pastors/elders back home wouldn’t trust their very own pulpit to.

But somehow it’s ok for them to to be trusted to preach to God’s people in churches in other countries? Why is this? Where does this thinking come from? Because it’s the mission field? Because they (people in other countries) are different? Because perhaps they don’t know as much?
Are small mission churches somehow not as important or not to be taken as seriously as larger more formal and richer U.S. churches? Are they somehow less important or less Christian than we are?? I am not sure why this mindstate seems to be so prevalent or even acceptable. Sure many wouldn’t word it this way, but it does happen, people think this way and it is very troubling. This also serves to reveal something about us.

Are we really saying that there is one standard for us and another for them? Is this not the sin of partiality that James warns us about? If this sounds terrible, it’s because it most certainly is. Is this a correct, biblical and God honoring way to view missions and to love our brothers and sisters abroad? To say it nicely, probably not.

These are tiny things that a church of any size, can help with. A large church can support one or more men themselves or do much more, smaller churches or a group of churches back home can take this on as a project. Even if just twenty smaller churches could give another $100 a month would help us tremendously. If only 4 or 5 larger churches could give $500 monthly, these needs could quickly and easily be met. This is an amount ($100) that many individuals can even handle. In our experience it is usually those individuals who are usually more willing to give on their own than churches as a whole are. A combination of both would help us reach our goal and give us the resources needed to do so much more. Please pray about getting involved in this. We invite you to even visit with us, meet these men and see what the Lord is doing here.

Some have different needs than others, some can be helped with very little, and some others are just too far for me to go right now until we have the funds to cover those specific trips. We are praying that others would join us in this effort and commit as ministry partners through prayer and financial support in order to be able to do more. Would you pray about helping?

The donations made to BCMS go toward working missionaries, evangelists and teachers on the field. There is only the very minimal cost of processing fees to get the funds to us. Just 2% through check or online giving through CMC (recommended). Through PayPal it is just $0.30 per transaction, plus 5.4% of the amount received but we recommend this mostly for emergencies or one time gifts. For a tax write off you must give through CMC.

This is the best way to get the majority of each donation given directly to the mission field. Unfortunately there is no getting around this, yet it is small in comparison to some “sending organizations” that for only receiving and processing funds for missionaries take up to 14% -20% of each donation. Out of the money donated to the larger well known mission agencies, only about one to two cents on the dollar actually make it to the field.

We as an organization do our very best to get as much of the money as possible to the field to meet the needs of our workers. All the information on how to give to this ministry can be found by simply clicking on the “donate” page of this site, or clicking here :

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. We ask that you pray and share these needs with other believers and churches. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. But for those that the Lord is already raising up, together we can partner with them. To God alone be the glory.

In Service to our King,

Antonio Salgado Jr.

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