By Antonio Salgado Jr. laboring in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

As I write this we are in Florida. We came primarily to spend much needed time with family. You can read more about that, and our prayer requests as a family on our latest newsletter here:

We will be back in the Dominican Republic very soon.

I have been communicating with brothers Leonel in Haiti and Daniel in Dominican Republic. Their updates and prayer requests were recently translated and posted to this site with my latest newsletter with prayer requests also. I encourage you to please read and share with others .

As the Salgado DR Mission, we have always raised funds for needs above and beyond our own family’s needs. And now that we have grown, by God’s grace, and become the Biblical Christian Missionary Society, there are certainly needs that come with those nationals we are supporting on the field.

Although the main focus of this ministry is serving the men preparing for, or already in the ministry, we do have a sister that will be teaching English at the church meeting place in Hato Mayor. Adriana is from a church we fellowship with, a good sister who has needs herself. She has helped us in the past, translating for doctors and nurses who have come to do medical clinics and other activities.

Just like Christen and I have taught English at the school we help in Las Minas, which has presented us with countless opportunities to build relationships with those in the community and share the Gospel with them, this is the plan for the class in Hato Mayor also. We are raising money in order to pay her for helping us in this effort as well, for her time and transportation. She will have to travel across the busy city often to teach. Please pray and consider giving towards this need.

We have been supporting brothers Leonel in Haiti and Daniel in the DR for several months now, but we still need funds for Bibles both in Spanish and Haitian Creole . Please pray and consider giving towards this need.

I have for some time now been involved with a network of mainly small, poor and struggling churches . Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting many men of God faithfully serving, to the best of their ability. Many in great need themselves, yet often pouring themselves out for others in the ministry in service to our Lord.

Many desire to be taught but have no means or resources. They must work hard to feed their families but make very little. Sometimes barely enough to eat and buy basic necessities. They need help better understanding the Scriptures themselves but can not afford to invest in a laptop, books, or any formal training. This is the case for most of the men we want to help. We want to bring the resources and teaching to them. Some are already in the ministry but have no resources to work, not even bibles or other literature, and are unable to do much to meet real needs either. They need someone to come alongside of them, to teach, encourage and offer resources. Just as the Philippian church sent Epaphroditus to Paul, as a “fellow brother, fellow worker, fellow soldier, and minister to his need”. This is essential for their growth and longevity in the ministry. Please pray and consider giving towards these men.

We are in need of several new mission partners in order to continue to help those we already support, and to help other men we already know and have these needs. Men asking for help and who desire to be taught. Many already laboring in hard places. Brothers such as Victor Madera and Victor Dominguez working in a tough inner city context where we live in Santiago. Brothers like Franklin Rodriguez, Ruddy Carrera and Francois Frantdzy working in the deep south in Barahona and Perdernales in the “bateys” near the Haitian / Dominican border. Lord willing, we will also be in Haiti later this year visiting Leonel and taking him some resources while getting to know and teaching others.

We are reaching out to pastors and teachers back home to come and help us in teaching for the conferences and workshops we are planning in DR and Haiti. All of these things cost money and we nee your help. Please pray and consider giving towards these needs.

The donations made to BCMS go towards working missionaries, evangelists and teachers on the field. There is only the very minimal cost of processing fees to get the funds to us. Just 2% through check or online giving through CMC (recommended). Through PayPal it is just $0.30 per transaction, plus 5.4% of the amount received but we recommend this mostly for emergencies or one time gifts. For a tax write off you must give through CMC.

This is the best way to get the majority of each donation given directly to the mission field. Unfortunately there is no getting around this, yet it is small in comparison to some “sending organizations” that for only receiving and processing funds for missionaries take up to 14% -20% of each donation. Out of the money donated to the larger well known mission agencies, only about one to two cents on the dollar actually make it to the field.

We as an organization do our very best to get as much of the money as possible to the field to meet the needs of our workers. All the information on how to give to this ministry can be found by simply clicking on the “donate” page of this site, or clicking here :

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. We ask that you pray and share these needs with other believers and churches. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. But for those that the Lord is already raising up, together we can partner with them. To God alone be the glory.

In Service to our King,

Antonio Salgado Jr.

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